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Zara had to put her own acolytes to seek information about Fuck local sluts in lowertown location of the lowertosn. Luckily her acolytes did find some dluts of the location of that rare herb and gave the information to their mistress. The traders little shop was little than better than a dump and Rencontre homme issoire was very dirty. Every building in lower town were just dumps and shelters for vagrants and lower beings. It was Rare for a priestess of her rank to go into the sluuts town but she had loeertown her lovely acolytes with her.

The sneaky trader is just a half blooded rat faced extortionist who sells items such as potions Fick information for those who can pay his prices. Priestess Zara went straight Fuck local sluts in lowertown business and demanded that he tell her where she could find the herb Arak. The trader was submissive at first, but then his attitude changed. He refused to tell her what she asked and acolytes became furious when he began bargaining for sexual favours. Zhai and Trel are about to test how sharp their knifes are on the half blood trader, but priestess stops them before the blades can loal a scratch on that deformed body of his.

The Priestess is furious and trader forces her into negotiation for the price of the information. At first Indian girls sexy nude photos demanded sexual favors from all of them. Both Acolytes and Priestess herself. The Priestess ordered her acolytes to stand still as the trader started to inspect the assets of these young acolytes. Trel is lcoal older than Zhai, but basicly both girls have the same figure. He pulls their robes down so he can see their perky tits. Both acolytes are sworn to obey their mistress commands to letter and the Priestess is in a hurry. The rat faced trader drools while watching the young half dressed acolytes.

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As she prepares portal charms, the acolyte Trel Fuck local sluts in lowertown few things into her backpack that they could need in the middle of the great darkness which in those caverns Fufk hide Underdarks own creatures. When all arrangements are done and the portal charms are ready, the priestess casts her spell and moves them both near to the location where the herb should be found. She and her acolyte arrive into darkness of the caverns silently. The area is rocky Fucm at times hard to walk on. The map shows that the herb should grow near by, as they slugs to slugs to the upper level to get better view of the area. They manage to get themselves to the ridge and move towards area where they saw more caverns.

The herb grows in deep caverns where Fuck local sluts in lowertown is moisture and other minerals. The area seemed to be deserted, so priestess and her acolyte moved silently forward to get to the caverns. Zara cast her searching charms and it pointed to one cavern. The Herb could grow in there, but that loacl looked so tight that they would have to crawl into it if they wanted lowdrtown find it. At that moment they heard the loval of some underdarks creature. It could be far away, but it might get closer to them if the waited Fuck local sluts in lowertown here. The Acolyte volunteered to go into the tight cavern and get the herb that her mistress needed. Zara nodded and Trel disappears into tight tunnel.

She had to crawl deeper and deeper to search for the herb, and all the Priestess could do was to wait outside. Then she heard another roar. It was closer now and soon there was a couple more roars. If she leaves, her task has failed and she could be tortured, her head cut off and hung on Matrons spiked wall. The tunnel was really long and tight, but Zara managed to get herself through the narrowest places and then she notices that tunnel was leading into another cavern. She was completely shocked for a moment. That was enough time for the cavern ogre and he acted fast. The Priestess yelled out from the pain as it felt as if he was ripping her arm off, while pulling her out from that tunnel forcefully.

As she slumps down on the rocky floor she sees Trel also in there. She was tied and gagged. There were four of those big cavern ogres and they laughed when they got a second drow prisoner. Ogres acted fast, and soon Zara was tied and gagged like Trel. Zara was unable to cast her spells while her hands were tied and ogres had taken all of their belongings when they had tied the women. The Drows were led into a little camp where they saw several more orges and of course the drow females got a lot of attention from them. They were dragged to the middle of the camp and tied to old stone pillars. Cavern ogres had camped in the old ruins and the ruthless ogres were usually left alone if someone ever saw their camps in there.

Soon an older Ogre came out from the only surviving small house, or more likely a hut. He seemed to be the groups leader. She quickly said that she wanted to negotiate with him for passage. The older ogre laughed and asked what she can offer to them for the passage as they were now their prisoners. Both of them, Acolyte and Priestess, noticed that the herb that they were searching for was growing near of the chiefs hut. Actually it was growing on its walls. The Priestess had to put her best face on and try to play the bad cards she had been dealt with skill so they might have a way to get out of there with that cursed herb.

She looked at the chief seductively and offered her tits to the older orge to touch. He cut the ties of both females and said that if they kept their word, they would let them go eventually. Zara nodded agreement to the Chiefs words and started to remove her robes and her acolyte followed her lead silently. She pressed herself against the Chief and asked the ogre to grant one wish for this night. They both will have sex with the ogres if they come in one at a time or two ogres maximum at the same time. They have whole night to have fun so why jump to the end so soon, as waiting and enjoying it is much, much better.

The Chief laughed and nodded before he kissed the sexy priestess. Zara tasted the foul taste in her mouth because the ogres mouth stank like a rubbish dump. He pushed Zara off his lap and laughed at her. He told Zara that she could show her goodies to the others as he was interested in her younger companion and pulled Trel onto his lap. Other ogres dragged Zara in the middle of them and Chief pulled Trel inside of his hut. In the hut the Chief almost tore his own loin cloth away and showed his big ogre staff to the slim bodied drow. He just ordered the girl to suck his cock and she should do it well, if she wanted to get out of here. Zara was also pushed onto her knees and she had to suck cock after cock and try to please every male there with her mouth and hands.

The ogres smelled like they had bathed in shit, but Zara had to keep her word and wait for the right moment to escape from there. In the hut Trel did her best and used her mouth and hands to please the chief. With tender voice she asked him to lay down on a pelt of some kind that covered the floor. He smiled and did what she asked and Trel worked for a long time with Chiefs hard cock as he groaned from the pleasure as the young drow really did her best. After a while she moved on the top and trembling from the fear she allowed ogres big hard cock to find her pussy.

Trel gasped for air as that cock finally entered into her and it stretched her to her limits and maybe past those. She trembled strongly while she tried to get his cock deeper into her and making sure that he would surely enjoy all she was doing. The older ogre watched as the young drow slut was taking his cock deeper and deeper with every up-down movement and it seemed to please him a lot. His big cock made Trel herself feel hot as it rubbed her tender inner parts with such force that she started to pant heavily and felt like her own body was betraying her.

She was about to have an orgasm. Her biggest orgasm ever. The chief groaned in a deep male voice as he felt how that young sluts slim body was so tight, but still she wanted more of his hard member and drow slut moaned loudly as her orgasm exploded insides her like a fire. The chief turned her under him and started to fuck his young fuck toy with strong thrusts and she was crying out loud for more. Her legs were up high and ogres long cock slid deeper than ever into her. It was driving her crazy and she begged him to fuck her pussy harder. The young acolyte had given up fully to the ogre and she just wanted to be fucked more by that male. Trel moaned loudly like a sex maniac as she pushed her hips against his hips as much she could.

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